"Our Barks are worth your bite."

Gary's Graham Crunch

A sweet taste for everyone's taste!

Our distinctive blend of graham cereal and peanuts, lavishly covered in creamy white chocolate. You'll fall in love with this tasty treat!

Almond Bark(White/Milk/Dark)

Get ready for a sweet ride!

Delicious almonds and rich chocolate blend together to form this addictive confection! Nothing compares to our delectable dark, milk, or white chocolate bark!

Cookies N Cream

Handmade with our personal touch!

Wonderfully fresh sandwich cookies, crumbled and drenched in our high quality white chocolate. Absolutely irresistible.

Mint Bark

M&M Bark

Peanut Brittle (Seasonal)

Light and airy with the perfect sweet peanutty crispiness, our Peanut Brittle is a sweet seduction!

Big chunks of peanuts blended with our sweet crystalline texture, it is simply delicious!

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